° TESTIMONIALS (Listed in Alphabetical Order)

"I highly recommend Mike Levine of SK Search Group. They run an outstanding business - thoroughly vetting all candidates prior to submitting them for review. The value for the money is tremendous and they do an excellent job."

Joan Boyd
President, Marginista

"Joe is a great partner with our executive team in guiding the search. The candidates presented are qualified and good fit for job. Will continue to use Joe in future at PVH. Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity"

Ken Duane
Vice Chairman, Phillips-Van Heusen Corp

"Joe is a great asset to the retail recruiting field. His contacts and wealth of retail knowledge provides him with the ability to match up employers with prospective employees. I would recommend anyone looking to make a career move to contact Joe."

John Erdody
Planning Manager

"Mike Levine was by far the best recruiter I've had the experience of working with. His attention to detail and his candid approach to job placement was a breath of fresh air; it felt so good to have a representative between my potential new company and myself who was looking out for all parties involved. He was always on time for me, had accurate information, and his staff was extremely helpful. Mike's relationship with my company and his dedicated research into my position has made for a great match between me and PVH. I couldn't be happier."

Dina Eriksen
Director, Global Logistics Innovation

"Mike has been a trusted colleague for close to 10 years. He took the time to really get to know me and the type of opportunity I was looking for. I'm happy to say that SK placed me in my current position at Shoshanna where I've been employed for over 7 years. Mike & Joe are amazing and genuinely care about the people and companies they represent. They have always taken the time to listen and stay in touch over the years. I highly recommend SK!"

Shari Hayat
President, Shoshanna

"I have known Joe Leotta and SK as both candidate and client; Joe ushered me into PVH with the utmost professionalism. Similarly, we regard SK as one of our most important search resources because of their knowledge of our culture, dedication to our best interests and consistent level of integrity."

David Kozel
Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation

"Our company has been working with SK for about 10 years. I'm happy to say that every person Mike Levine has found for us is still employed with us today. He has the uncanny ability of getting to know a company's culture inside and out before he makes any introductions. He respects all parties involved and knows fairly quickly if a candidate is a good fit or not. At times he will ask me to think out of the box if he really believes that a candidate could add value to our company. One of the most important things to know about SK is that Mike and Joe both have a high standard of ethics. I trust them implicitly."

Mary McCann-Schutte
EVP of Sales, Dawson-Forte Cashmere

"Michael is an outstanding Executive Recruiter. He takes the time to understand his clients' needs and targets exactly who and what skill set fits into that company's culture. It was a pleasure working with him and he made the otherwise daunting task of finding a high level position enjoyable and stress free. I would highly recommend Michael to both companies seeking to fill an executive position as well as high level candidates seeking to find one."

Patrick McCarthy
Former Group VP, Global Supply, PVH

"Working with Mike was easily the best experience I've ever had with a recruiter. He was always professional, polite, and attentive. He called and emailed to prepare me for each step of the interview process and offered advice when I asked. In the end, I was chosen for the position and I couldn't be more grateful to Mike for helping me land a job at an amazing company."

Ivy McGrew
Senior Designer - Active Apparel - L.L. Bean

"In today's environment Joe Leotta of SK Search is one recruiter you can count on! Joe is very detail driven with amazing connections that help him get the job done. He is trustworthy, honest and extremely reliable!!!!!"

Scott Orenstein
Former President, GH Bass & Company

"I highly recommend Mike Levine and his team for recruiting assistance. He is a joy to work with and he always delivers top talent!"

Lynn Pollihan
Talent Acquisition at Carhartt

"I have known Joe Leotta for over 20 years. Throughout that time, he has become a valuable resource in staffing the various groups I have directed. I trust his judgement, his integrity and his ability to get results. Joe always accepts feedback properly and learns from each placement transaction. It's very apparent that Joe and Mike work hard to understand the company's needs and bring the right people to the table; it's never been about quantity, always quality. Their sense of ethics is without question."

Mark Weber
Former Chief Executive Officer, LVMH, Inc. and PVH

"Michael Levine is an excellent recruiter, he really takes the time to learn about the role and his candidates and help to guide them through the hiring process. He has great insight that comes through his years of experience in the industry and I was fortunate to work with him in my job search. He is very professional and I appreciated the care he took to follow through every step of the way."

Corine Zach
Champion C9 Women's Creative Designer at Hanesbrands Inc.